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Sleep, All Is Well

You can go to sleep, my lover.

As long as you are here with me,

I’ll be safe.

Curl up on the couch, wrapped up,

and watched over by the adoring starlight,

dream beautiful dreams.

I’ll stay up all night again, with my 4-track,

making the music coming from embers of love,

and the light I was born with.

I’ll turn to look at you, with a little smile,

talking with the gathered angels in your dreams,

about all that is wise.

I’ll sing with my harsh voice,  these tender words,

and with you here, so close, so very real,

I’ll charge through the demons that come at night.

Prayers, spells and incantations of a better world,

a better place for my broken and abused heart,

made good enough for you.

As the sun rises, right before you wake,

I’ll lay down on the floor, my arm a pillow,

and watch you, pure and at peace.

All that I wish I could be.


Tanya Was Dreaming

Tanya was dreaming, halfway to heaven and the stars,
and she comes down now, shaken awake,
and writes the words of her soft visions.
The music Matthew plays, on the little 4-track,
through the cheap headphones, still whispers
those angel voices in her ears, heard in the sky.
The night is warm, and gives rest now,
as she writes the words, and sings them for him,
the marriage that comes from their marriage.
Her voice clear as rain, warm as the stars,
along with the enveloping tones, the soft wings,
flight for a restless mind.
Tanya and Matthew cuddle on the couch now,
his arms around her as if in prayer, as if in thanks,
and together they dream in the sky.