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I Saw Her Face Through The Crystal Waters

I saw her face through the crystal water,

the pool dark but the lights in the water,

and the moonlight through the skylight.

The water flickered and shifted, clear quiet,

as I looked up at her, chlorine stinging, tears

shifting angel face, pageboy and bangs.

The war was over, but another was coming,

always wars, rumor of wars, hunger for war,

the sacrifice poured out for our haughty masters.

She was distant; I could only see her face.

She was close; I could come up, kiss her lips.

She was a lover slipping away every night now.

I come above the water, and she smiles,

and she sits on the edge, her bare feet in the pool,

and I rub and kiss them, knowing worship ends in tears.

Paladin’s Proposal

My love, my angel,
I bow at your feet.
I make myself small,
humble and open.
I am a knight, offering you
my battle scarred sword.
I am a man, offering you
my life scarred heart.
I am a man, offering you,
submission and adoration.
My kingdom, my secrets,
my light, and my darkness.
My heart, mad and wild,
with it’s blood and desires.
My mind, with it’s dreams,
it’s fears, it’s hopes for tomorrow.
My hands, too often clenched,
always open, tender to you.
My eyes, too see your light,
and the stars shining through.
I raise my head, as I am on my knees,
as I am small and humble before you.
The sword offered freely, for you to take,
to show I serve you, I am your champion.
My heart races, my mind swims in love,
my tongue is silent, waiting.
Your answer, your choosing, your heart,
will they be given, will mine be taken?
And you stroke my cheek, and kiss my head,
pull me close to, so tender.
My love, my angel,
I am yours.

The Last Binding

She was barefoot and in a velvet dress,

and we left our footprints in the wet sand

as we walked down the beach.

She had kissed me once, years ago, here,

but that moment of affection was long gone,

and now she had the ways of death to teach.

The sea was dark and tempestuous, like her,

like the dreams of her I had every night, going under,

to the waters that birthed her from a spell.

The silver blade was in her hand, she cut my belly,

and ran her finger through the blood, took a taste,

and said: “As a boy, as a prince, as a slave, you did well.”

Call up sirens and spirits and things wild of another world,

and you cannot make yourself their master or lord.

They will wrap you in the silver bonds of cruelty, devotion.

And there is death in loss, and knowing nothing belongs to you.

She makes a cross on my forehead with my blood, the last binding.

She turns from me, back into the ocean, spent the last of the potion.

She pulls off the dress, free and not made by the god that made me,

and is free in nakedness and without shame, and down into the

slate and colorless waves she dives, leaving the best kind of death,

the little death of greed and emotion, of a paradise that tasted of

the iron tang of blood, and the aching loss in a poets selfish heart,

that makes cathedrals and sacred groves of a wild girl’s breath.

A Narcotic Hit of Mercy

Her faces gives me a dream, a narcotic hit of mercy,
as the train shambles and shakes like an undead corpse.
Undead corpse, unsteady on it’s feet, usnure of what is
happening. Me, the train, the undead, just stagger on.
 The billboard is big and in bright colors, her face subtle
and mysterious, like the teasing out of the corner of your
eye, smirk of an angel, giving a hit for free, so you chase
her into the vaulted snowy plains of heaven, giving her your soul.
 The model, Cara, is harsh and entrancing, full of malice and lust,
as her eyes suck me into her starlit orbit, the outlier of her psychic magic.
I give her devotion and lust and fascintion, for that narcotic hit of mercy,
to feel light and horny and mad, like when I was a young man.
 Heading home from a dirty, ugly city, and the game of pretend that is
the world of work, I silently worship her as we pass her billboard,
as she smokes the gossamer incense through my eyes, keeping herself
powerful and strong and beloved and on top of this shitty little world.
 As long as I get my hit, she can take everything……………….

Bottle of Wine

Last of summer warmth.
 So late into the night now
 as we’ve talked about
 all there is we know.
 A bottle of wine, empty,
 sits between us.
 Unsteady, we rise to go in.
 You laugh, almost tripping
 over you own awkward feet.

I take your hand,

 guide you the bed,
 as we slip under sheets
 and cuddle up close.
 Quickly, you are asleep.
 I kiss your head.
 I adore you, my love.