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The Warmth Of Her Name

All is bright, they say. All is well, they tell me.

I dream of paradise by a great and grey ocean.

I burn her photograph, but ashes in a green bottle.

I burn the face that haunts me, to put it out of my mind,

My dreams, the morbid fantasies of my drunk and foolish heart.


The ashes in the bottle, a lock of her golden hair, the kiss she gave.

I put them in and seal it with white candle wax, from a candle somehow burning.

I put the treasures and the accursed words I used to woo her on the glass.

I throw the bottle into that great and grey ocean, let those dark waters take her,

And the dreams and wonders and devastating adoration to the end of the world.


I fall to the sand, white and cold and moist, and let that bitter wind end all feeling.

I feel her face fading from my memory, the warmth of her name cooling in my heart.

I feel the gnawing desire, the ambition for companionship thwarted, fretting on the wind.

I feel the freedom of emptiness, the only peace the lack of wanting what cannot ever be.

I feel the angel curse my name, as it salvages that love from the great and grey ocean.