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Sleep, Finally

Sleep, finally. The days don’t end. The night’s too short.
Try to smile and be friendly, not give an angry ass retort.
I’m not a servant. I am not a slave. I am here to help only.
I don’t like smiling thought it. I don’t like being so lonely.

I lay on my side, curl up, wish there was someone else here.
Wish there was someone to share my world with, without fear.
Spotify kicks in with a sad ballad playlist, and sad almost feels good.
At least it’s not hate, and bitterness, resentment, turns heart to wood.

¬†And maybe, I’ll dream somehting sweet, a place in the sun in my sleep.
I’ll be happy and in love and a hero as the starry shadows slowly creep.
Morning will be here too soon, and I’ll have to face it, and be strong again.
This world is sorrow and tears, and I swear I can never ever seem to win.