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I come downstairs, and she doesn’t hear the door open.

or my steps on the stairs, because she is playing the drum set

we keep down here, that I bought for her for her birthday.

She is totally into her music, and the midmorning sun is

soft and honeyed on her shoulders, and there’s a small

smile upon her lips, just lost in the rhythm and the beat.

I stand on the stairs a moment, watching her, in this

moment so pure and free, just doing something that

makes her happy, that releases her mind from flesh.

She finishes and I clap and she blushes, then bows from

the throne. I walk over to her and kiss her head, squeeze

her shoulder, tell her lunch will be ready soon.

She tells me that Jasmine and Jo had talked to her

about playing with them on Saturday Night in town,

and she is so proud, and I am so proud of her, in return.

I walk back up the stairs, as she puts away her drumsticks,

and follows behind me, and for a moment on this Saturday,

all is well, between us and the world and God above.

Cold Rain, Christmas Morn

Sophie’s long, dark hair is tied up and hidden
in the hood of her thick, navy blue sweatshirt.
Her chipped, bitten nails show as she holds
a flute of red wine, watching the cold rain.
It is Christmas Morning.
The Fort, seems like a forgotten kingdom now,
empty and dark with these closed in streets.
We watch it from our balcony with our wine,
with the rinky dink white flashing lights on the rail.
Jesus is born. It can be new again.
Platonic friends, which makes it perfect here,
not saying a word, just looking out on our world.
Soon we’ll go see family, and feel we belong there.
So often strangers in this city, this whole bloody world.
You can be clean again. You can be whole again.

No Boon

I leave this picture hear.
My family so, so, dear.
The stars are so clear.
I leave the picture behind.
For another being to find.
See us, so loving and kind.
The moon is empty of life.
No children. No wife.
No joys of which home is wrife.
I was on the moon.
Dead and dusty. No Boon.
Leaving not too soon.
I leave this picture for another.
A future space brother.
Some of us did love one another.