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Two Cigarettes

Cara and me share a cigarette,

try to forget, try to forget,

the cold days that are ahead.

Her head against my cheek,

and some peace we seek,

from the bad shit in our heads.

I tell her a corny joke,

and it was like an angel spoke,

for we could smile in the rain.

Two cigarettes between us,

and it’s an hour before morning bus,

and it’s so hard to refrain

from the though that no one above

could spare us a second of love,

and we’re here to fight alone.

Or that we’re not worth the time

for one who’s seen every sin and crime

and knows our brokenness to the bone.

There’s a news story about a child,

found out in the thick wooded wild

dead and left to rot, innocence taken.

The darkness of people’s hearts,

and how easily all sweetness departs,

has us broken. With child, she is shaken.

I kiss her head, and she smiles, as rain falls.

Somewhere in the coming winter He calls.

In her heartbeat, in her love, even her tears.

She sings a song she knew as a little girl,

about a saint and a princess’s bright pearl,

and I want this peace and innocence to stay.

We’ve been through hell and we’ve come back.

We’ve been to the grave that is so deathly black.

This world will pass to a new, He’ll wipe our tears away.

Rachel, Can You Hear Me?

It’s a cool afternoon in a Colorado spring,
Green and lush and blue into the sky.
The snow is gone for the summer,
and life begins again beneath a butterscotch sun.
I saw your grave, the marker of your life and death,
and I remembered, I remembered how your spirit
led me to The Lord and to a better world out of shadows,
to a Light that made we clean and whole again.
But the Light has gone dark, the butterscotch sun
soured into vinegar, and I see the blood on Jesus’ hands
is not solely his own, and I’ve seen him sold out for
silver and power, and a sneer on the lost in the gutter.
I try to be loving and giving and forgiving like you,
but faith slips away from me, as God is silent in his undoing,
in the tears of those left out, left behind, and cursed to night.
In those that wonder how the Light burns the world.
Rachel, can you hear me? Can Jesus or anyone else hear me?
I need bravery and faith to fight these demons and their kin,
those who wash away the world with the blood that saved them,
that stamp on the cross while kneeling before it.
Rachel can you hear me? Can I feel the heart again that led me
to Heaven and the hope of peace after the madness burns me,
that showed the world with the Light behind it, bright and warm?
Can I feel close to the way you showed, when you spirit took my hand?
Rachel can you hear me?
For Rachel Joy Scott