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It’s Been So Long

She touches my face.

I do not flinch.

I do not pull away.

It’s been so long.


She kisses my cheek.

I flush and feel warm.

Face, chest, burning blood.

It’s been so long.


“I love you.” She whispers.

I wrap her tight in my arms.

I feel safe. She is home. Sanctuary.

It’s been so long.

A Sunday Bower

Where I am it’s the dead of night.
There’s no hope. There’s no light.
Hold me tight! Hold me tight!
I may not make it through the night!

The stars are of God, but so far away.
The whispered words I desperately pray
Can’t call the angels to come and stay.
There’s a strain, a weight, faith in disarray.

Burrowing into your arms, seeking power
And the garlands of a Sunday bower
That crowned Joan in a wistful golden hour.
A girl can crown a king, still outside the tower.