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Bright Steel

I watch her on the pitch, stoic and distant,
springing into wiry motion in just an instant.
The wire taut as she makes her way to the goal.
Her strength and beauty ignite my broken soul.

She has been forged on the anvil, bright steel.
Made the clay of birth into something so real.
The fire still burns and she is hammered to be stronger.
She is a heroine for making herself burn bright and longer.

Her light brown hair flowing behind her, a wisping veil,
as past every defender, every challenge, she does sail.
The sliding stop and the vicious kick, put into the net.
The look of fury and power as she cries victory, I won’t forget.


To The Cheering

Letter jacket orange and blue, C like her first name.
Loose and wild over her tight and wound body.
Loose over that body that runs down the sky,
released when the pistol goes, and she is free.
 A body sculpted from her petite frame, made holy,
like the dream of life cut from stone, time making strong,
time making a sacred trial of cutting away what is not
the beauty within, the strength to cut away untruth.
 She runs under the harsh and white lights, to the cheering,
not hearing or seeing but only the night being cut away,
cutting away which is not the track before her, the end,
the end she never reaches, but for a spilt moment exalted.

Amazing and True

Her face, bright and young. Dark, dark hair so silky and bright.
She seems so happy, so free. A body strong and lithe as wire.
A sunny place, so far from this darkened room, so close to heaven.
I want to be her man. I want to go there.
 Rainy January day, waiting for something to happen, amazing and true.
The sky is colorless as my unclean mind, as the death I gave myself to.
I think of her, athlete and superstar, cut from marble to make an angel.
I want to be her man. I want to go to her.
 Work, pretend to be alive, and human, not a changeling child.
Come home, sit in the dark, in my bed on my battered laptop.
Look at her Facebook, her Instagram, everything else.
I want to be her man. I want to go to her.