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A Vibrating Star

She’s wearing a long sleeved white sweater,

black capri pants, and plain white tennies.

Mother is fussing over her, smoothing her hair,

telling her it will be alright, she doesn’t need  lucky pennies.

Her first date tonight, something like a normal kid,

something good in this world that’s taken so much.

She turns to me, the one found her that cold night,

when she was almost lost, beyond the sun’s touch.

Her eyes hopeful, but unsure, calling for reassurance.

I smile kiss her head, tell her it will be real swell time.

She smiles, all light from a vibrating star, her light

finally escaping a black hole, making dreams rhyme.

I take her picture, wanting to hold onto this moment,

hopeful and beautiful and sweet, after we almost lost her.

The demon did not win, we saved her in time, but he is patient.

I know that darkness falls again, can’t defeat, only defer.

The doorbell rings, and she squeals and is so ecstatic.

She found a boy who loves her, who will be her brave one.

Me and mother hug her, and then she runs to the door.

The boy is there, hugging her tight, consolation for what can’t be undone.