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It’s a rainy night in March, the air still,

and the glittering stars reveal the will,

of our mad and brave hearts to reign

above the broken city and it’s disdain.

A trendy little place in a downtown LA,

and holding hands is how we can pray.

The neon of the front window, a moon

of lurid colors, a guide to a sacred boon.

On the sidewalk we dance, I spin around

holding your hand, earth and sun wound.

We do the steps, and lose stars in the eyes.

After all that’s been, life can still be a surprise.

Theirs no music, we just dance, a spring night.

The stars don’t show the way, but are so bright.

Hands on your waist, yours around my neck.

The place is closing, 2 AM, time to pay the check.

And we sit hand in hand, the Uber on it’s way,

and in heaven, this night remains, we will sway,

again in the March nights that never go so sour,

we will dance, children welcomed in His Power.

As we’re driven back home, holding you so near.

There’s nothing but love in my mind, no more fear.

I kiss your head, and the lights trail and stretch out.

This love, touching His Grace, is what it’s always about

A Sigh Of Shrouds

Cara and I were camping in the forest;

by a clear and roaring stream we set up camp.

The dark night and cold, grey morning misty,

the leaves and grass, the air, our faces, damp.

She bathed naked in the stream, the sun away,

hiding it’s face, like God would, behind grey clouds.

The waters were cold, but they carried away her sins,

and she was naked in spirit, clean, not a sigh of shrouds.

At night, through the mesh of the uncovered tent roof,

she lay her head on my shoulder, and we watches stars crawl

across the night sky, clear and whole, with the cities far away.

Even in the sky, angels hide their breaths behind an illuminated shawl.

But after she is asleep, curled into a ball, muttering as she dreams,

filled with wonders I’d not yet found or accepted in grace,

I sat by the campfire. Like Mercury, only my face has light and warmth.

This strange season a whisper, heard only in such a quiet, lonely place.