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News of the War

Teresa is sleeping; it is mid-morning.
I listen to news of the war in heaven
On the radio.

Michael is tired. Gabriel can’t get the word out.
All the saints are being put in their graves by The Faithful.

Teresa has prophetic dreams. A new born in the wilderness, that is a fallen star, that will
Dim and become a demon.

Another new born, another star, again to become a demon, on and on forever,
Always a blood tide darkening the sky.

Teresa wakes up, is sitting cross legged on the bed, with all the stars held in the palms of her
Cupped hands.

She watches the universe, as it grows and dies out and grows again, sees every scene before the angels of devotion and hunger.

The news goes on and I am weary. But I remember when we were teenagers, and when we took the Oath of Angels.

I remember when we sealed our hearts and our bravery to the silver light, and hope that loss could mean something.

We fight on.

Slate Blank Sea

Thin and petite, lithe and strong.
Tight black capris. Light blue button down.
Walking, carefully, slowly, on the sea wall.
She looks down at her feet,
one tenderly placed in front of the other,
on the high wire between earth and sky.
She walks, all the way to the end of the wall,
doesn’t falter, doesn’t trip, no false step.
She passed the test, will be welcomed into heaven.
She jumps off at the end, onto the grey sand,
the colorless beach, to slate blank sea,
and watches the horizon.
Is she waiting for something, for the angels,
for Jesus to come in glory, for her final reward?
Or is it just the peace of the moment?

Crossing The River

Bound by blood, the water of the womb,
I’ll hold your hand as you walk to the tomb.
I have walked in Tartarus, innocence perished.
I wish our time could have been more cherished.
We do what we do, and now you cross the river.
I will wait with you, until to Charon I do deliver.
A place without the sun, but maybe you made a deal.
A piece of Elysian sunlight for yourself you did steal.
I cannot go that last part of the way, across The Styx.
The light of a life, even one dark, snuffs out like wicks.
I hope Elysium welcomes you, and you have the light.
I hope your sins do not cast you out into eternal night.