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Young woman, summer girl,
long straight hair behind her,
bright in bikini top and Daisy Dukes,
riding her Vespa to the beach.
There is madness in the sun,
the endless blue ocean, bright eye,
that swallows all of the world,
and takes us to Galilee.
On theĀ  picnic table, in the shade,
I watch her with her friends,
and think of all those amazing things
they’ll do, favored angels, favored children.
There is a madness in love, and lust, and desire,
in reaching for a sun that you cannot touch,
and it still burning you through, in the things we want
and the things we cast aside.
I catch her eye, and she smiles, waves.
I smile back, wistful and distant, not from
that Sacred Sea like her, but I chose my lot
and have not yet sailed to Galilee.
There is a madness in our hearts, in the sun,
in the warm and reckless season of infatuation,
in all the dreams that fill our heads with stars
and with blood. We look away from stars above Galilee.