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Whispering Sleep

I sit on the hill over my home town,

               As the sun falls to purple twilight

               And the stars come up, eager to

               Sing their songs, show their faces.


               I can feel some other world here,

               In the cold wind of the changing year,

               In the darkness of the night falling,

               Whispering sleep on these sacred places.


               I ache for the love of her, a reminder

               Of all the wonders in the waking world

               And the sweetness love can bring you,

               Where miscreant angels leave no traces.


               Is there a flicker of faith to be found now,

               In her laughter and big, bear hugs so tight,

               And the soft kisses upon my cheek and brow,

               Can I salvage God from her honeycomb graces?


               The stars of the sky and of the city come out

               And I hold onto the embers of hope and light

               That her devotion and love give to me now,

               As for death and war my broken heart braces.