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The Wind Became Words

The room is dark, but I see starlight out the window
as I lay in bed, sleepless, shivering, angry at everything.
Once, the minister took me to the mountain, to teach me
scripture and theology. I only heard God in the wind.
The wind became words.
I read of Spanish Captains and The New World,
the ocean forever, Man’s eye looking up At Gods Eye, the sky.
I read of the clear blue waters of The Pacific, the distant isles,
and the wild raging storms that make the measure of a man.
God’s words would be in the wind.
I decide. I am 17. I can join The Navy. Mom will sign me over.
Her trouble making boy someone else’s worry now.
My duffel bag packed, I walk on the sidewalk to the recruiter,
dawn a soft satin blue that has not yet become garish and gaudy.
And God, He whispers secrets in the wind.

The Days To Come

The days are long and bright, and the sun is warm on my shoulders, cheeks.
The nights warm, and a smattering of stars shine as I sleep on the roof
of someplace, some wild girl’s apartment, someplace the moon watches over.
 Hustling through the light, working here in there, trying to make a place,
where I can walk with my head held high, make my way through this world,
and have the simple things I want, wife, child, home.
 As I sleep on the wild girl’s roof, as the music thumps like a heartbeat,
as the laughter and the shouts, the smell of pot, tobacco and spilled beer
fill the air, I look at the stars, and dream of what I left behind.
 The deep, lush forests, ancient and bright, holy and dark, full of ghosts.
The cold, cold rivers of clear water, filled with mermaids and sweet hearted sirens.
The girl I loved, who walked in those eerie places, hand in hand with me.
 But the world had left from there, from any hope of staying,
If I wanted to find my own way, I had to leave to where life is still thriving.
That girl I loved is in New York, and I can’t even remember her face.
 Hustle all day, garbage collector, cook, and every odd job I can get.
To make my way, to find my onw place in the world, my own little castle,
with me, a wife, a child, and hope for the days to come.