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I Can Make Her The Moon

A dream made a star and placed in a dark, empty sky

that has lost the treasures that it was born with.

A dream in Veronica’s face, and eyes I can make suns

on a world that grows green now, after the war.

Glad to see her, and steal some talk, words I can make

the moon, the sheered out sister keeping me stable,

as the massive black hole in the center of my heart,

ever tries to pull me to the place where there is no light.

I say goodnight, and keep her close, the sun lighting

the ashen forests returning from the war and it’s fires,

tender shoots and buds, that I hope will flower, and perfume

a world of gardens, a shard of Eden, maybe sealed with her kiss.

Whispering Sleep

I sit on the hill over my home town,

               As the sun falls to purple twilight

               And the stars come up, eager to

               Sing their songs, show their faces.


               I can feel some other world here,

               In the cold wind of the changing year,

               In the darkness of the night falling,

               Whispering sleep on these sacred places.


               I ache for the love of her, a reminder

               Of all the wonders in the waking world

               And the sweetness love can bring you,

               Where miscreant angels leave no traces.


               Is there a flicker of faith to be found now,

               In her laughter and big, bear hugs so tight,

               And the soft kisses upon my cheek and brow,

               Can I salvage God from her honeycomb graces?


               The stars of the sky and of the city come out

               And I hold onto the embers of hope and light

               That her devotion and love give to me now,

               As for death and war my broken heart braces.