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Where Are You Tonight, Sweetheart?

Where are you tonight, sweetheart?
Are you safe? Are you warm? Is it quiet?
Alone in the woods, I look up at the stars
and try not to cry, for the tears not to come.
The air is getting cold, Autumn is leaving
and winter is on it’s way, and I am alone.
The world crumbled, civilization fell again,
and I was far from you when it all burned.
Where are you tonight, sweetheart?
Are you among the dead? Are you living?
Are you in the arms of another, thinking I’m lost?
I will be happy if you are, if it means you’re loved,
loved and safe and someone to face this death with.
I was in Connecticut, you were in Tennessee,
and I can’t make it back to find you, to hold you,
to kiss you and feel the solidness of you close.
Where are you tonight, sweetheart?
I am alone, knowing death can come quickly
and the winter is coming, and we’ve burned it all.
I still dream of you, as I look up at the stars,
and the tears come, and the loneliness,
the emptiness of losing you, and my whole world.
Oh, where are you tonight, sweetheart?