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Sleep, All Is Well

You can go to sleep, my lover.

As long as you are here with me,

I’ll be safe.

Curl up on the couch, wrapped up,

and watched over by the adoring starlight,

dream beautiful dreams.

I’ll stay up all night again, with my 4-track,

making the music coming from embers of love,

and the light I was born with.

I’ll turn to look at you, with a little smile,

talking with the gathered angels in your dreams,

about all that is wise.

I’ll sing with my harsh voice,  these tender words,

and with you here, so close, so very real,

I’ll charge through the demons that come at night.

Prayers, spells and incantations of a better world,

a better place for my broken and abused heart,

made good enough for you.

As the sun rises, right before you wake,

I’ll lay down on the floor, my arm a pillow,

and watch you, pure and at peace.

All that I wish I could be.

Something To Hang Upon A Star

She plays the drums, lost in it,
simpatico beats, joyous racket.

Working all the energy of love,
scent of her lover in a gift jacket.

Maybe write songs, like as a girl.
Maybe her lover plays guitar.

Something shared in creation,
something to hang upon a star.


Clear, no bad thoughts, fears.
Just the rhythm, just the noise.

Not worrying about grace,
or that perfect model poise.

Hum of flow, just this thing.
Just this girlhood past time.

No pleasing fanged men,
whose temper turn on a dime.


Thunder rolls out in the sea.
Salty air in this hotel suite.

She stops her drum playing,
thinks of a perfect day in Crete.

Her and her lover, just young,
almost normal, almost ordinary.

Photoshoot soon, model glamour.
All this light and magic to carry.