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Wonders of the Sky

She walks barefoot on the cooling rock,
As the desert begins to coldly sleep
As the warring sun falls away.

She is lingering here, as sunlight
Fades away, to whisper in starlight her hope,
That he is kind.

Barefoot outside in summer, free,
This sharp fanged Eden that passes
On now.

Starlight prayers are true in trembling
Voices, quiet hearts. Enough to light
The girlish dreams.

Standing before the old gnarled tree that
Was once something more, forbidden fruit,
She knows what time has come.

Under starlight, she walks the path that
Can no longer lead her to the wonders of
The sky.

The last time it can lead her home.

Fighting Chance

Israel, late summer, the sun going to the underworld,
the stars coming out, night sentries in service of their mother,
the moon.
She is walking barefoot on stones, my wife, whom I knew
too early, but now we are one, and we are holy again,
and she is with child.
A pool of water, not yet gone in the bright and hot sun,
I dip my hands into the pool, and I wash her feet,
and kiss her toes, and stoop myself to her.
I thin lift up her shirt to show her belly, where, just beginning,
our child is taking form, the new angel come to the world
we have made, to make it anew themselves as they grow.
I make the bars of the cross with this water, make the sign
of our Christ on her flesh, to protect her, to protect us,
to bless us as we fall towards heaven.
The sky is dark, and the stars whisper they’ll show the way.
We walk on sands and stone back to Jerusalem, hand in hand,
made new again, Adam and Eve given a fighting chance.

Tanya Was Dreaming

Tanya was dreaming, halfway to heaven and the stars,
and she comes down now, shaken awake,
and writes the words of her soft visions.
The music Matthew plays, on the little 4-track,
through the cheap headphones, still whispers
those angel voices in her ears, heard in the sky.
The night is warm, and gives rest now,
as she writes the words, and sings them for him,
the marriage that comes from their marriage.
Her voice clear as rain, warm as the stars,
along with the enveloping tones, the soft wings,
flight for a restless mind.
Tanya and Matthew cuddle on the couch now,
his arms around her as if in prayer, as if in thanks,
and together they dream in the sky.

Her Cheek In Starlight


Ellie is asleep, curled into my chest, her cheek in starlight.


               That sweet face catching the kisses of galaxies, of moonlight.


               I feel her fierce, Fae heart beating in her chest, proud, strong.


               She has highborn elders, angelic light, a beautiful, holy song.




               I can’t sleep as easy as she does, the swirls of black hole force


               Pulling out the light, into the abyss of my hatred’s deep source.


               The stars that orbit Ellie’s galactic center, the light of my grace


               Are being pulled and distended, by that bottomless, cruel place.




               She is so effortlessly a child of the heavens, of The Most High.


               She is a North Star, a guide in the darkness, An Angel to defy


               The Red Dragon, who pulls down the stars of hope and devotion,


               Who unleashes a tide to drown all tenderness in bitter, dark emotion.




               Her starlight radiates, her fierce Fae heart powers the light pouring free,


               And I, like the moon, soak it up and redirect it out, giving love thoughtlessly.


               I sleep into peace and sleep, holding onto the one I adore, protect and cherish.


               And my I be like her, an angel in the sky, a guiding star, after I from this world perish.