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Mermaid Queen

Mermaid Queen
Momma, momma,
 come back to me.
 Daddy tells me
 that you are a
 mermaid queen,
 living beneath the
 blue, blue, waves.
 Daddy says
 in the ocean you’ll
 live through all eternity.
 But momma, can’t return
 ever for an afternoon
 to be by my side?
 Momma, hold me in
 the breakers tenderly,
 rock me as the water
 rushes over my head.
 Momma, momma,
 come back to me
 or carry me back
 to the deep kingdom
 you preside over,
 with sitting beside
 your golden throne.
 Momma, momma
 come back from the sea.
 Daddy says

you’re a mermaid queen,

but you’re my momma too,

 come be with me.