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Sickly Sweet Coffee

Skylar sits on the seawall, looking out the harbor,

at the sun slipping away the white lights of the city shining.

She drinks overpriced and sickly sweet coffee, and hopes

that all this longing will slip away, like the sun.

Dad didn’t want her, only her older sister was adored.

Skylar wonders, can she take a star down from that distant sky

and make it crown upon her head, holy and sacred light

to dazzle Dad, so she can be adored too, catch his eye.

Dad thought he ruled this city, thinks now he is king.

And the hot and sweet coffee stings her tongue, like the

days when he wasn’t there. Even a monster’s daughter

wants daddy to be proud of her.

There’s a party with her rich friends tonight, she might go.

The opulent places in the towers that mock the sky and sun.

Maybe we’ll be struck down, our words confused, for the hubris.

The coffee now gone, she walks back to her apartment, unsure, aching.


So bitterly cold, that March night.

The wings unfurled from her back.

Usurpers of the stars, blasphemous,

gave her a halo, dirty as the black snow.

By the arch, almost midnight, biting wind,

her wings almost touch the tree branches

and shake the stars from the sky, for kicks.

Her offered hand, one time only, she smiles.

The sky is one point of light in the darkness.

A city pulls gold over it’s face, hides heaven.

It’s enough of a wonder to catch her breath.

Wings flutter like her heart, your foolish hope.

The train ride back through Baltimore; all over.

The brownstones are tombstones for Eden now.

Elves came for her wings, cut them off, put them away.

The queen requests your presence in purgatory.