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Winter To Be Done

She’s pale and thin,
selkie out of her skin.
Auburn hair, green eyes,
fisherman promises plies
for her to come home with him,
She combs her hair, says no,
seething as he closer to her rows.
She pulls her skin over her,
now a seal with no need to defer.
Fisherman curses and yells,
and she makes curses, spells,
for she only wanted the sun,
and for the winter to be now done.
Fisherman rows back to shore.
Selkie will come here no more.
Cold water of the northern sea,
in its darkness, only place she is free.

All Too Soon

Two rooms, all alone, where I can be anyone.

               I can be the man that gives her a gold ring.

               I can be Archangel Michael, slaying the Red Dragon.

               I can be whole and good and full of light.


               Two rooms, my home, where I dream

               And write the words that bleed out poison.

               Where I dream of a love that might save me.

               Where I fear the death of warmth in humankind.


               I can dream my love into my amrs, as I lay in bed,

               And make believe there’s anything for me to give her.

               I can dream her fingers touching me, her kips kissing me,

               Can dream us making love and dreaming on a rainy afternoon.


               Two rooms, where I can imagine keeping out death

               And the war coming all too soon, and the heartbreak

               Of never finding the place where it all makes sense

               And they welcome you with open arms, just as you are.


               Two rooms, a tiny paradise, that will burn like Eden

               In the war coming all too soon.