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Broken Hearts and Paradise

Feeling like it was just a dream I wasn’t awake for.
Feeling like it was missing time in the daylight hours.
I walk into a bar, loud and dark and full of cigarette smoke.
I sit at the first empty place, and look up onto the stage.
A young woman, thin and wispy as the cigarette smoke,
and as angelic as that girl who first stole your heart,
when you were still innocent and free.
She sings of lost love and broken hearts and paradise.
She sings above the deathless noise of the world.
I love her; she reminds of something precious that was lost.
I love her; her soft and wild beauty makes me feel alive.
I love her; but I look away as the song ends,
and she says goodnight, and I am alone again,
with all the things in my head I can’t heal or silence.

Black Persian Curls

I dreamed of her, with her head of black, Persian curls,
and her dusky and warm skin, not like the other girls.

The snow on the mountains seem so distant in spring.
I dreamed of kissing jasmine lips, of giving her a ring.

She was a stranger from across a bright, blue sea.
She wore some other face, but I did not turn from she.

On a spring afternoon we talked by the soccer field.
The sun so bright in our magic, left a dream unhealed.

And she spun the words of countries long past.
Of golden ships with silver angels on their mast.

Once, I held her hand, as stars peaked through twilight.
Her love, her dreaming angel eyes, where my delight.

In my dreams it is spring again, and we are young.
There, only there, did I kiss her as my wife, as bells rung.