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Holy Kiss

A holy kiss, beneath Jupiter and Venus,
shining so bright, the twin gates.
Tenderness, at long last, after the war,
after the sorrows of our broken fates.
We lay beneath the old tree, Tree of Life,
the winter coming to an end, Eden waits.
The war is done, and we can be pure, free,
without shame or loss or anymore guilt.
Those thorns and thistles that cut our skin
and bled our souls will now fade and wilt
and all the tears are now only twinkling silver
and make a river with all of paradise’s silt.
A holy kiss, lay at peace in each other’s arms,
sleep awhile and dream such marvelous places.
And our thoughts are pollen in the air, mingling,
no secrets now, as old heaven, old earth, have no traces.
I smile at you, and I know the light that was always there,
and you the light in me, for we are now our true, holy faces.

No Promise of Outer Space

Black leather and denim hoodie, the hood drawn over her face.

               An old ‘70s Yamaha motorbike, a faded and flecked blue.

               Drizzly rain, clouds a crown on a starry night,

               No promise of outer space.


               Death and life in the smell of gasoline, the fire of damnation

               And fuel of the frontier, the scream of speed into darkness.

               I got on the motorbike behind her, press myself to her,

               No promise of heaven, only escape.


               One jammed open eye showing light on the empty highways,

               From the bleak valleys of these Appalachian Mountains,

               To the arid plains, on our way to the Sea of Cortez,

               No promise of love, only of sweetness.


               Asleep beneath the sky, the air chill and the stars endless,

               My head on her shoulder, watching her breathe, at peace.

               Sleeping bag snug for two, as if her skin could swallow me.

               No promise of dreams, only hope.