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Perfected Skin

Swimsuit model, with long dark hair,

a glint in her blue eyes; devil may care!

Lithe and strong, flesh made taut as wire,

like iron on the anvil, made strong for desire.

In azure waters, sparkling like blue jewels,

in places so distant from mortal rules,

she is goddess and siren, and she calls, calls,

to some dream beyond my madness and falls.

On my wall, queen of my restless fantasies,

with her in wild islands and warm tropical seas.

A carnal heaven, lust and love made one, perfected skin.

A place where what’s coming can’t find me ever again.

Fleshly Debris

What is a woman, that I cannot see,
so lost in lust and desire, fleshly debris?
What is the light in her love, her heart,
her true soul that with death will depart?
Those bright eyes a rich color, glowing skin,
her long silken hair, is it this beauty I hope to win?
Is there more I search for, a shard of eden, of peace,
of a wonder beyond flesh that will ever be and never cease?
Holding her hand, feeling her wet kiss on my hot cheek,
the weight of her in my arms, knowing those words she can speak
that will calm the storm of my mind, and welcome me home,
that makes me content, to turn away from the past in the burning catacomb.
So often the beauty of flesh obscures what is her true worth,
of the ineffable glory of her light and the joy of her birth.
That my eyes could see the star in her heart, the heavenly flame,
that I could love her perfectly, and be holy like her and without blame.