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Fighting Chance

Israel, late summer, the sun going to the underworld,
the stars coming out, night sentries in service of their mother,
the moon.
She is walking barefoot on stones, my wife, whom I knew
too early, but now we are one, and we are holy again,
and she is with child.
A pool of water, not yet gone in the bright and hot sun,
I dip my hands into the pool, and I wash her feet,
and kiss her toes, and stoop myself to her.
I thin lift up her shirt to show her belly, where, just beginning,
our child is taking form, the new angel come to the world
we have made, to make it anew themselves as they grow.
I make the bars of the cross with this water, make the sign
of our Christ on her flesh, to protect her, to protect us,
to bless us as we fall towards heaven.
The sky is dark, and the stars whisper they’ll show the way.
We walk on sands and stone back to Jerusalem, hand in hand,
made new again, Adam and Eve given a fighting chance.

Wash The Stars With Tears

A mother to be, a blood pact

with the child and the world,

the daylight coming.

On the beach, warm gulf waters,

dressed in black, watching the

angel come ashore.

A soul may burn, or be the sun,

or just wash the stars with tears,

like this mother to be did.

A whispering in the air, sweet,

but their a sting in it’s notes,

and in this joy.

The tide rolls in, over her bare feet,

and that angel has come, seal unbroken,

the words decided.

The angel kisses her head, makes an

ashen cross, a blood pact with the sun,

never to be taken back.