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Sunny Day

Light and flaxen pixie cut, white and black striped shirt,

and black capris with her brand new ballet flats.

She is walking light as the sun has come around again,

giving warmth, comfort to her, and fat, spoiled house cats.

Winter is over.

A latte, and a cheese Danish, sitting in front of the coffee shop,

watching the world become bright, the people seem easy and kind.

She sips her drink, a rare treat, and feels hope, mad, welling in her breast.

The cold nights, the winds through her heart, have slipped from her mind.

Winter is over.

Down at the park, feeding split grapes to the ducks that swarm and honk,

finding amusement in such a childlike thing. Such a simple thing.

She sees a young couple walking hand in hand, and she smiles, no knots.

She’s not reminded that she was nearly choked by a diamond ring.

Winter is over.

Winter is over.