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Feared or Loved?

I told her not to ask that. That question. About that girl.
She fucking did anyway. They always do. Always fucking do.
I just don’t inspire respect, somehow. My wishes aren’t honored.
I say don’t talk about that. Don’t about that around me.
Don’t pick at the scar. They laugh, call me a fag, do anyway.
Friends are supposed to love you, and care about you.
But, if I hurt, they just want jam their fingers in the wound,
have a good feel around, laugh at me for protesting,
go back to that go to word: “Fag!”
Sometimes I wish I was violent and vicious, someone feared,
like a goddamn Conan The Barbarian motherfucker,
the kind of person that beat people into pulp at the slightest
provication, disrespect or insult. People would defer to violence.
Miciavelli was right: It’s better to be feared than loved.
He just wasn’t right like he thought.