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Charlotte II

At Night, In A Warm Place

The stars above are beyond counting, clouds of luminescence high above
that shed mana for our untroubled dreams.

The silvery waves crash on the sand, still warm from the sun, still soft
from the moon.

A wind kisses our bare skin as we sleep on the edge of the jungle,
safe and assured of love.

I dream only of her, and this little place so sweet, children again
in our spirits, in our thoughts. Clean.

And, before the break of day, we’ll awake, go back to the sea
and ride the waves

and sink to beneath the rolling water, the reefs and the lost ships
and the sharp toothed mermaids.

At night, in a warm place, we have our home, and not even the sun
evaporates the mists of our dreams.

This I home.

I do not want to leave.

Don’t take me away.

The Mermaid Spring

Hedy in a Mustang, in shining LA,
the road wide open, she’s so free!
The ocean deep and clean and warm.
She’s driving there for The Mermaid Spring.
Naked in the waves, sun warm on her shoulders.
Summer going on and on forever, untouched.
The mermaids with auqua marine tails sparkling
and silky black hair a weightless veil about their faces
will welcome her in, and breathe dreams in their kisses,
and she’ll the sea that washes away all sin and sorrow.
A pearl that is her dreams of blue depths and moonlight,
redeemed when her tail wraps her tight and those lips
whisper songs she knew as a child, still whole and clean.
The road to quiet memories is followed with her song.
Hedy floats in moonlight, the sky so clear and close to her.
A seed in her heart starts to grow, and will grow so beautiful.