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Sky and Sea

I wake as first light comes over the sea.
The blue waves black in red light.
The black being chased to blue.
Soon, the blue sky, the blue sea,
will be one, indistinguishable.
 She wakes, and sits next to me.
Peace in sleeping under the sky
and by the sea, the crashing waves
that soothe, remind that there is
more than humans.
 A war rages, the world is burning,
even  as we find the peace of an
ancient, more wild goddess,
here under the sky, by the sea,
crashing waves.
 We hold hands, and when light comes
we will hit the tall glass waves,
ride them to paradise and to shore,
to that place where we are no longer
ourselves, but one with sky and sea.
 And the world is burning, the blue
of sky and sea being turned black,
like the hearts of humans, the minds
of the pious. We are burning home.
We are burning ourselves.
 A moment, one with sky and sea,
as the water takes us back to birth
our us and of all life on the verdant land.
One with sky and sea, me and her, becoming
one by fading into a goddesses heart.
 And the world is burning.

The Eyes Are Her Nakedness

The angel, in the black bathing suit, covers her eyes
with the tips of her silken, white wings.
The eyes are precious, blue as the oceans
God moved over to form the world.
The eyes are her nakedness before a mortal,
the secret kept but for the spouses in heaven.
 The sharp edges of the feathers, soft and singing,
quiver in the cool, Atlantic breeze, like sleep.
I watch them, and know the prizes of seduction
pale to the trust of friendship and secret words.
I still see her mouth, her plain, pink lips, smile.
What is kept is the measure of devotion.
 The water of the ocean, the cord to the past,
the sky that brought the fire of life, therefore
the sacredness of death, to the light of the sun
in this world, where my angel shares what is free
and keeps what is sacred inside the veil of wings.
I love her all the more for it. I love the smile I see.