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Goddess Gives Me Sleep

Long, black hair, and buxom.
Tight teal tank top, strained.
Cut off shorts, frayed, worn.
The S shape, the ample flesh,
warm and soothing, absorbing,
the softest sanctuary in this Eden.
It’s an Indian Summer, a reprise,
and she is the Goddess of Summer,
and of Sleep, as Samhain comesĀ  now.
She leads me by the hand, up stairs,
turning back, smiling, ass scissoring
under that tight and worn denim.
The best part, all that can be is now,
in this moment, before She Sleeps,
and the spirits return to us, one night.
Naked, she is on top, kissing me,
her warm breasts flat against me,
holding me down, to be absorbed.
She is the Big Spoon, holding me in.
Samhain comes soon, and the lost come,
to the orange bonfires, to chill of this life.
Her flesh enveloping me, making me whole,
mounds of her breasts, pooch of her tummy,
warm and safe, as Samhain, and winter comes.
She is the Goddess that gives me Sleep………

Bonfire Night

The bonfire burns bright
on this darkly hallowed night.
Burning to call the spirits back
from that dark river so black.
Burning to see their faces again
and to kiss away every lingering sin.
To see those eyes so full of devotion
and tears silver with devout emotion.
I wait for her by this fire, the beacon home.
Come back from that far place, no longer roam.
I search the night for a pristine burial gown
and that long black hair let to cascade down.
Come back for this night, until morning takes you.
Come back to my side, I have so bitterly missed you.
My love, find this fire that spits sparks upon the sky.
Let me kiss your lips, hold you hand, before I too die.
Come to me, while their still darkness and starlight.
Come to me, smiling, in this cold, nourishing moonlight.
Come to me.