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It’s Been So Long

She touches my face.

I do not flinch.

I do not pull away.

It’s been so long.


She kisses my cheek.

I flush and feel warm.

Face, chest, burning blood.

It’s been so long.


“I love you.” She whispers.

I wrap her tight in my arms.

I feel safe. She is home. Sanctuary.

It’s been so long.

Monsoon Season

The rain pours in torrents outside our window.
The stars are gone, and moon no longer can glow.
Warm in each other’s arms, we have a piece of time.
But time will always run out, always the clock will chime.
Your soft skin radiates against mine in the darkness,
and I see life, it’s sweetness and grit, in blue starkness.
We found ourselves, far from home, far from paradise,
for a time safe and warm, and whole, but it was a toss of dice
that even this moment, in the monsoon season, would come.
Facing your kindness and tenderness and I am struck dumb.
Somewhere outside the window, heaven is burning,
and somewhere else a lost child to their home is returning.
Somewhere there are people happy and free who know not
the sorrows we’ve had, and to whom innocence is not forgot.
I kiss your head, pull you close, inhale the salt of your skin.
Love intertwined with lust, desire made holy, a precious sin.