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Sleepy Android Face

She had a sleepy android face,

forlorn of a world more fists

that spirits, more blade than halo.

Her long dark hair was straight,

and the barest protection from

the rain and the gun.

A leather jacket that been through

the war, stiff and dry and hard,

kept her metal and lightning heart

pounding in her thin but strong chest.

The jeans and boots would keep her name

secret from the demons crawling in her skin.

The rain was the empty words of God,

promise cleanliness, but just making you cold.

The demons came in through the eye, even,

especially, for the pious. All youth and tender innocence

to be sucked dry and picked clean, the demons

arming the men goodly for the job.

Her sleepy android face was still, and sad,

and tears of saltwater or maybe glycerin came,

and a warm place was hollowed out in Athena’s shoulder,

that brass statue up in The Fort, were ruin looks on the river.

That warm place, big enough for one, would shelter her.

For demons are in flesh, and the making of flesh for newborns.

Don’t touch, and The Demons can’t get you.

Naked and Flightless

Alaska, a girl, naked and flightless, feet not touching the ground.

               I worship with silver and sacred paper and all the shots collected.

               The graven altar of softness and warmth, like the sacred,

               Cannot be touched or measured, only weighed in blue iris blackened.

               The songs are not sweet in communal passion and utmost darkness

               And the bitter marks of life are unseen, neon conceals death and holiness.

               Eyes lock, the only light stars shine in a windowless cell and frustrum kiss.

               Stars blue as the ocean of which Demiurge came to spoil all love and flesh.

               Take it in hand and it will be extinguished completely by force of arms.

               It’s a light, and youth is hard as the sun in it’s cruel throne and bed of silver.

               I orbit the light now, even having drawn another veil to wrap it like a child.

               Light and stars and some hope of some other place, promised but cannot be awarded.

               Silver and sacred paper are the prayers given, time and the weight of milk returned.

               So goes the show, and the cold winter outside, the hand of the gloved moon repentant,

               Vowing to return to it’s shame in the stars beguiled and deathlike in a mistreated love.

Ace of Hearts

Safe in her arms, held close, held tight.
The moon is full. The stars so very bright.
She sings in my ear, a song of paradise.
The angels came to earth for a dowry price.
 Wake up together in the morning, still embracing.
The path to the sun her sweet eyes are tracing.
Just the touching of bodies, the intimacy of holding.
Two souls made one, into each other bodies folding.
 Work-a-day world. We get ready for our daily jobs.
We still enjoy the moments, don’t rush, no bitterness robs
as we walk hand in hand to the subway station, parting too soon.
Love more than desire and pleasure, a more holy, sacred boon.