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Brighter Than The Moon

She is strong, porcelain fine,

holding up the sky above me.

Woman of perfect strength

she carries the primordial sea.,

I follow behind, but don’t take

her hand, to where she would lead.

I follow behind, but don’t hear

the harsh words of her disciplined creed.

She drove into the night, came back

as the star that is brighter than the moon.

I will lose her and myself forever,

if I don’t take her hand very soon.


Black Tops As The Baby Grows

Hot shower soothes my knotted, tired muscles.
Harsh water burns away the hate and anger.
Stinging skin can only feel the heat and death.
All other cares are drifing away as I become numb.
 Wrapped in a soft blanket in my faithful recliner.
Pretty woman telling me about all my teams.
Sports world is another world, not my world.
But my real favorites don’t get talked about here.
 And a game, any game, carried away in the fire.
Sports world is another world, not my world.
Not filled with dark thoughts, and rotted dreams.
Not filled with anger and hate, bleeding through a smile.