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Races, Shootouts and Air Hockey

Daisy, so bright and free,

               As we play in the arcade,

               Races, shootouts, and air hockey.


               You win and cry out proudly,

               Hands above your head,

               Every bit of you flushed with pride.


               I may lose, but I win, seeing you

               So happy, so pleased, so cocksure,

               So beautiful in your happiness.


               Bouncing around the mall,

               I buy a poster of my celeb crush,

               And you buy a shirt for a favorite band.


               Eat ice cream by the fountain,

               You talk about your novel writing

               And a planned tripped to Tel-Aviv.


               I feel so peaceful, so sure, with you,

               And all the glitter in your voice,

               All the manna in your smile.


               I steal a quick picture, as you

               Blow a bubble with your gum,

               The goofball in the brave woman.


               And later, I look at it,

               Sitting in the dark of my room,

               Trying to hold onto that perfect night.


               Trying to hold onto you.