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Ever Tender Light

She walks in the blue shimmering light of the aquarium.

Muted and soft, wavering over her, softening dark eyes.

Dance of shadow on jacket slits for her lost angel wings.

We watch the mermaid show among enraptured children.

Bright tails and otherworldly smiles and crowns of gold hair.

The children can touch the world beyond the water; Heaven.

We feed the rays, and she remembers her first emanation,

when God took her by the hand to show her all of His creation.

She remembers how she’d spent a sweet eternity lost at sea.

We sit watching various creatures swim and look curiously

into the blue, vibrant and hushed blue, like His ever tender light.

She takes my hand in hers, whisper those words that answer birth.

Paladin’s Proposal

My love, my angel,
I bow at your feet.
I make myself small,
humble and open.
I am a knight, offering you
my battle scarred sword.
I am a man, offering you
my life scarred heart.
I am a man, offering you,
submission and adoration.
My kingdom, my secrets,
my light, and my darkness.
My heart, mad and wild,
with it’s blood and desires.
My mind, with it’s dreams,
it’s fears, it’s hopes for tomorrow.
My hands, too often clenched,
always open, tender to you.
My eyes, too see your light,
and the stars shining through.
I raise my head, as I am on my knees,
as I am small and humble before you.
The sword offered freely, for you to take,
to show I serve you, I am your champion.
My heart races, my mind swims in love,
my tongue is silent, waiting.
Your answer, your choosing, your heart,
will they be given, will mine be taken?
And you stroke my cheek, and kiss my head,
pull me close to, so tender.
My love, my angel,
I am yours.

Making Love On A Sunday

The sun is golden and warm, as we undress out of church clothes.

               You back is pale and soft, as you strike a statuesque and awkward pose,

               Pulling off your cream stockings, and then sit down on the edge of the bed,

               Your coifed black hair now wild and free, all pretense at perfection now fled.


               I strip on out of my pants and underwear, and sit beside you, kiss your cheek

               And touching your belly. You giggle, and lean into my kisses, no words to speak.

               We lay down, man and wife, another altar in a private place, flesh and spirit one.

               We make love in the hazy and soft sunlight, in this tenderness, a baser thing undone.


               Holding each other close, hearts racing, and sleep coming to seal the afternoon,

               Our bodies one flesh, and made new and holy as the world passes on without a swoon.

               You turn you face to me, and I kiss your lips, and we smile and laugh, so endless, so clear.

               We fall asleep in an embrace, just a temple for us in this bedroom, where all days disappear.



Bottle of Wine

Last of summer warmth.
 So late into the night now
 as we’ve talked about
 all there is we know.
 A bottle of wine, empty,
 sits between us.
 Unsteady, we rise to go in.
 You laugh, almost tripping
 over you own awkward feet.

I take your hand,

 guide you the bed,
 as we slip under sheets
 and cuddle up close.
 Quickly, you are asleep.
 I kiss your head.
 I adore you, my love.