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Our Better World

Me and Sierra, laying under the stars,

dewy grass, cool March night, almost morning.

We pass a bottle of red wine, we pass a cigarette,

and we talk about the dreams of a better world.

The stars roll on, indifferent and unseeing,

as the first of the dawn tears a slice in the night.

We hang our dreams and angels upon their light,

a dream as the world loses all tenderness and feeling.

Drunk, out of smokes, Sierra rolls over, lays her head

upon my shoulder. I kiss her head, and squeeze her close.

A perfect night, a sweet moment, as The Red Dragon comes

to cast the stars into the sea, and our better world burns.

Sky and Sea

I wake as first light comes over the sea.
The blue waves black in red light.
The black being chased to blue.
Soon, the blue sky, the blue sea,
will be one, indistinguishable.
 She wakes, and sits next to me.
Peace in sleeping under the sky
and by the sea, the crashing waves
that soothe, remind that there is
more than humans.
 A war rages, the world is burning,
even  as we find the peace of an
ancient, more wild goddess,
here under the sky, by the sea,
crashing waves.
 We hold hands, and when light comes
we will hit the tall glass waves,
ride them to paradise and to shore,
to that place where we are no longer
ourselves, but one with sky and sea.
 And the world is burning, the blue
of sky and sea being turned black,
like the hearts of humans, the minds
of the pious. We are burning home.
We are burning ourselves.
 A moment, one with sky and sea,
as the water takes us back to birth
our us and of all life on the verdant land.
One with sky and sea, me and her, becoming
one by fading into a goddesses heart.
 And the world is burning.

First Light

First light, parking on the street before heading in to work.
I sit in the car for a little while longer, in the watery light,
as Anna Netrebko sings “Casta Diva”, and brings enchantment
to this run down place, with the shadows making houses palaces.
 I listen to her sing, letting the still and quiet and dim light
soothe me, and give me strength, and even a measure of hope
as I feel my world slipping away from me, the whole universe
going mad. I close my eyes, and make the music infinite.
 The song is over, and it’s time to turn of the radio, and grab
my knapsack, and head in to work. To put on that brave, happy
face and not let the fear and lonliness show, just smile through.
It’s Friday, and soon I can hide in my apartment, and let tears come.

Nothing But Fire

There’s nothing out west, nothing but fire.
The sky is ablaze, the earth has swallowed the sun.
My lover is queen of paradise, somewhere to the east.
My lover is not my lover now, everything passes in a season.
 These ancient woods are turned to flame and caustic slag.
These ancient woods are drained of the voices of demons.
I sit by the river, on a cold, ancient rock, waiting for something lost.
The waters may still take me under, to a forgotten world full of stars.
 Abandoned subdvision, by a brown and derlict golf course.
A mcmansion sliding into ruin. I make my camp in the basement.
Still a signal from a dangerous angel there, in the songs of my lover.
She calls the stars to this wasted race, but we’re bathed in blood.