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Eerie music plays on the radio.
It tells me what I cannot know.
All the treasures sold off, nothing to show.

Thinnest cut of the sunrise.
How frayed my kindly ties.
I cannot even dream a surprise.

Unsweet tea, a heart pricked pin
Early, before motors and vocal din.
Tatiana is dark, true light, not blonde Gwen

A morning ritual holds tight to me
A bought miracle can be sold for free.
Beauty and warmth, wither destiny.

I know I am a fool, do it anyway.
The stars blink out as they quietly pray.
The sun is coming, holding time in it’s sway.

I Saw Her Face Through The Crystal Waters

I saw her face through the crystal water,

the pool dark but the lights in the water,

and the moonlight through the skylight.

The water flickered and shifted, clear quiet,

as I looked up at her, chlorine stinging, tears

shifting angel face, pageboy and bangs.

The war was over, but another was coming,

always wars, rumor of wars, hunger for war,

the sacrifice poured out for our haughty masters.

She was distant; I could only see her face.

She was close; I could come up, kiss her lips.

She was a lover slipping away every night now.

I come above the water, and she smiles,

and she sits on the edge, her bare feet in the pool,

and I rub and kiss them, knowing worship ends in tears.