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Joan In Mid-Air

Cara is making love with her current boyfriend in the other room.
Joan levitates in the moonlight, touched only by starlight.
Eons of innocence has ended, and Cara is free and easy.
Joan can touch those stars, and know the day of judgement.
Still, her heart wants things, touch, passion, a lover mad and brave.
Joan in midair, tries to push these thoughts away, but they are her.
Joan sees God in the spinning ballet of planets and stars,
and in the hunger of insects, and the blood on her sword.
Cara sees God in passion and grace of a tender lover,
and in the tears that come at the end, for they always leave.
The war is calling to her, cracked ribs still bandaged,
eye still covered and not healing, tired and stiff as steel.
The fight is the thing. The fight is all. God is in the fire.
God may be in a carnal Eden for Cara, but not her, not now.
The stars are perfect and without voice, and they speak to her,
as Cara and her beau finish, and fall to pillow talk, and to sleep.
They speak for another speaks through them, of what is yet to come,
and how she will win this war by being burned and taken to the sky.
Cara and her beau are sleep, not innocent but foolish, but free too.
Joan floats above them, watches them, so untouched and yet so broken.
She cannot understand her, or the others, or those that make pretty dreams.
The fight is the thing. The fight is all. God is in the fire.
She lowers herself to kiss Cara’s head, genuinely and with love, despite everything.
Doctors orders be damned, she had to go, God had an awful fate for her.
And it would make her beautiful and shine forever.

No Quiet Sleep

We both snap awake, in the cold light of morning.

Cannons, gunfire, in the distance, grow ever closer.

We hold close, knowing we have to leave.

Knowing we have no place to go.

Dressed, and carrying all that we can that we need,

we leave our home, our entire world, behind.

There are no friends in this war, only enemies.

Both sides will kill us on sight.

We walk for days, not knowing where to go to,

where we will be safe again, if that’s even real.

We take turns sleeping and taking the watch,

with just a rickety .22 and one box of bullets.

End of another day, haven’t outrun the cannons,

but we lie side by side, looking up at the heavens,

and awed by it’s austere and cold beauty.

They are simple gods who do not intervene.

No eden in the forest, no quiet sleep of death.

We make our way and we make something of a life,

in the wilderness, glad to have love and each other.

But you can’t escape the world. There’s always another war.


The silvery moon shines through my window.
Where you are tonight, my love, I don’t know.
A war in a far off place took you from my side.
Who ever knew, that this world was so wide?

The old bar on the end of my run down street,
the familiar place, where every night we’d meet.
Beer and pool and laughter, and once, a soft kiss.
The future that that kiss promised is my emptiness.

The moon shines on all the world with it’s cold light.
The dream we hoped for is lost, nothing to put it right.
And the bar is just a hollow shell haunted by your ghost.
I lay in my bed, in the dark, with dreams, the tears they host.

Come back to me.


Wildflowers blowing in an open field,

heads bowed to the ground

and whipped back to exalt the sky.

They know not why they grow

or why they bloom

or why so many had to die.

Those who knew are gone,

buried deep beneath the field.

The young don’t know, no do they try too.

The wildflowers grow, and lover’s now wallk,

and the ghosts remain silent.

The Swallow Sings

Angel and the Ashes

Our Starter Home

The Last Moment Untroubled

We were teenagers, wild and open, children of the sun.
We were lying together in a field, tall grass a veil of the
We were teenagers. The love song that was our was playing
on the little radio, the world conspiring to reveal all our
We were teenagers. We kissed and cuddled and laughed.
We pledged our hearts, in innocence and freedom, no fear
at all.
We were teenagers, and knew not, that this was the final
moment of unclouded peace and bliss and wonder for us
in this world.
We were teenagers, and over the sky jet fighters howled
like banshees, cracking open the world and making us cry
out in fear.
We were teenagers, and the evil and brokenness of  men
and of  this world had found us, and this, this holy day
was our last as children.

The Eye Cracked

Twilight on the endless steppes, as the sun hazed out into starlight, the tall, golden wheat whipping in a cool, early spring wind. The endless horizon offered no where to hide from the eyes of Father The Sun or Mother The Moon. Up in the sky they would always see me.

A lifetime ago I had been a young man here, a soldier at war. It was all for the homeland. All for all the helpless depending on us back home. To stop the mad, demonic man coming from the east, like the sun.

The eye cracked, and out came fire and screams and the hateful stench of flesh left to rot. We’re all ugly when we’re dead.

Like a steel blade, I was forged and hardened in flames, and I knew what I had to do, and I knew for whom I fought.

I fought for her. Her angelic light kept me warm as the winter stole away so many, more than flames and fire. Cold is patient, like Mother The Moon, who wants her children back home again.

Her angelic light was real and decadent, and I knew we would both make it to summer, when the demonic men would be cast out again, the possessing spirits pacing in the underworld for another time.

The war ended. She was not there. The light was a mischievous spirit who used me for it’s own ends. Father The Sun had claimed her while she bathed. She was an angel with him. Never again for me.

And she danced up in the sky with Father, having forgotten the realm of weight and flesh. She did not even remember our kiss. Before the war, we had sat by the river, slim and silver. We had been enchanted, somehow.

Enchantment leaves scars.

She had kissed me. The last hurrah for innocence. It was warmth without lust. Passion without hunger. Peace in a lover’s touch.

Enchantment breeds hunger for more. More magic. More release from weight. More wonders to soothe a broken heart.

I became as dissolute as any drunkard. I chased that moment forever, with any girl who’d welcome me, into her arms or bed.

Nothing else mattered.

All the while she danced, having for free what I got in dregs and ruined rags. She was with Father, and she was adored and made weightless.

Old, with nothing to show for it, but the words made as hymns to lover, pale moonlight reflected from her in the sun. Words made to capture a moment, a high. So much useless amber.

Old and tired, and out here on the steppes, where Father and Mother can both see me as they come halfway after the divorce. They see me. They see what I have done.

Old, out here on the steppes as that bitter wind flows and cries and gets deeper into you skin and bones than any dream, lover or whore, to the very place all light is kept.

Old, and it all left a crystal tower that is wonderous, but whose foundation in sand is washed away in a single hour. What is an hour to Father? What is an hour to Mother?

And Mother comes down for me. The trick she played for her own magic. Making me love the girl Father claimed. Taking me away to be in the cold.

I’ll remember her in the sun. She will be blind to me in the moon. The weight will drag me to the bottom of the sea.

The Summer After

The girl is lost, in the tawny wheat of the steppes,
in the cold waters of the river washing past,
in the ruins of the city and corpses their.

The girl is lost, and I am lost, the world burned.
We hold close in the empty field in the summer after,
holding on like drowning sailors to driftwood.

The games we played are echoes in dreams
and voices and laughter half-remembered,
a phantasm of something lost.

The first kiss as we swam in the cold river.
Chasing each other through the tall wheat.
Looking up and the endless stars.

The girl is lost, and I am lost, our world burned.
The cannons and gunfire is silent for now.
The city built again.

It is the summer after, and we hold close,
her head laying upon my shoulder as she sleeps,
and I look up at stars that have never seemed so distant.