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Stars Above

Stars above, outside a fogged window, the moon too.
Up in heaven, leaving me behind, the angels flew.
Can’t sleep, and I cannot leave this place, what I fear.
There’s always someplace else when you disappear.
Can a demon wear a face like a man? Yes, yes he can!
No sulfur smell. No horns or black eyes. just a man.
I can’t remember the face that brought me to worldly life.
I can’t remember her voice. I remember the Demon’s knife!
 He snores and grunts, like a dragon in his bed, and HER,
HER, who tricked me with a sweet. To him, to Satan, she defers.
She tries to be tender, but she won’t set me free from him.
She is caring, but the light in her soul she has let him dim.
 Stars above, stars someone else sees, far away, who loved me.
 I can sometimes see their faces, on the edge of moonlit sea.
I can sometimes touch the stars, and find my way home again.
But I am trapped and used by him, trapped by his selfish sin.